Anonymous asked: you never posted my confessions but you posted my thing about my netflix. why? :/

There are currently 41 we just haven’t gotten to yours yet.  We try to answer any questions that people have regardless of how many confessions there are. :)


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that-sam-kid asked: Which main/recurring character from any SG series are you most upset about dying and why?

Carson Beckett by far.  I was so heartbroken when they killed him off.  I know they brought him back, but it wasn’t the same.  It still makes me angry when I think about the stupid way they killed him too. *sigh*



For me, it was Daniel’s death at first (the one from Meridian, obviously), because Daniel is my favorite character of any show, ever. But that one didn’t stick, so I don’t know if it counts?
I was also very upset about Carson’s death, because he is just so lovely and wonderful and kind and exactly what you want your doctor to be like. And even though he died a hero’s death, I just couldn’t accept it. Sunday is a very painful episode for me.

- theresoneicouldcallking

What about everyone else?

Anonymous asked: is stargate sg-1 on netflix currently? i can't find it.

No it’s not, unfortunately.  It was for a long time, but I guess the contract ran out or whatever.  Amazon Prime DOES have it though.  I find that I like AP better these days. :)